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5 Tips to More Successful Branding

When people talk of start-ups and businesses, the conversation would almost always take a turn towards branding and building brand loyalty. It is, after all, one of the requirements to success—without a brand that resonates with customers, there is no business. Needless to say, being smart with how you build brand loyalty is very important and doesn’t leave room for many mistakes. Here are 5 tips to

Surprise, surprise!

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Customers love great surprises, especially in times when some good news and some pleasantness would be greatly appreciated. And when a business can effectively use this element to make please its customers for the day, it makes for a very popular and memorable brand. Take one example of a Forbes contributor who recounts his own version of great surprise marketing from an airline. 30 years later and both the story and the airline are still vivid in his mind, and that’s just because of one unexpected gesture from the said company.

Taking customers by surprise, as he relates, can start from something small. Give small tokens to loyal and positively vocal customers, or even just add an extra service here and there to random customers. The most important thing is that you give people something happy and pleasant to remember, something unexpected that would make their days and embed your brand into their memories for a long time yet.

A memorable logo is a must BUT it’s not your brand.

More important than giving some tips on how to create the perfect and memorable logo, it must be stressed that a brand is far more than just a logo. Just think of the logo as part of a bigger picture which, though important, does not cover all of the important aspects an entrepreneur needs to remember. This sharp divide between a logo and a brand is crucial and can make all the difference.

The simplest explanation to this would be that branding is all about the experience—visual, among others. The logo is just part of that visual experience which would be tacked into people’s memories of your brands. Branding is also about what customers feel about your brand, what they hear, what they smell, and even what they taste. Branding is the complete package; the logo is not.

No need to go bankrupt.

Good news to newbie entrepreneurs! Successful branding does not necessarily have to be expensive; you just have to know the right ways to brand on the cheap.

GoVacuum, for example, is a company that has had great success through simple search engine optimization. The basic idea was to improve the site’s search engine ranking by posting product descriptions that target specific niches. Through a website called Fiverr, they managed to improve sales “tremendously”, and it only cost five dollars for each product, too!

Get naked.

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There’s always a way for customers to unearth every little thing that you attempt to hide from them. As they say, “the truth shall set you free”, and it’s never been a more appropriate quote. Brand transparency is important because there is really no such thing as unreachable secrets nowadays. People catching you at a lie is much worse than outright admitting a fault, and there have been many good examples of this through the ages.

The Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubble Launcher is one unfortunate example of this. At first glance it seems like such a very fun and appealing thing for children, but then would-be customers go online and see all of the negative comments and ratings for the product. As much as improving your own products is important, it is also crucial to be transparent.

It’s all about trust.

To say the least, building brand loyalty is synonymous as building trust. And if there’s one thing everyone knows, it’s that trust is hard to gain and almost impossible to regain. Handle trust like you would the most fragile piece of glass you have ever held.

In the end, branding is far from being a walk in the park, but it can be easy enough with the right foresight and preparation. Don’t be discouraged if your efforts don’t seem to be working; just step back, re-evaluate, and then adjust your strategy appropriately. With these tips, it’s not unlikely that you would eventually meet success.


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